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The best beer you’ll ever find

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Italian Style and Taste


A beer enveloped in the freshness of hops and delicate notes of yeast. Perfectly balanced, with a fine, white head.

BIRRA Baracca was born from a project aimed not only to give life to a genuine product of quality and style, but also with the intent (in this, the centenary of the First World War) to share the unique story of the place where this beer is born.


Fight your thirst


Birra Baracca Lager has a straw yellow appearance with a fresh scent of hops and a smooth flavor of yeast. With a gentle dry finish and a persistent head of foam, this lager is an easy-drinking beer that’s a perfect all-rounded to suit endless occasion.

A versatile Lager that is excellent as an aperitif.

It pairs perfectly with fresh, light dishes such as gourmet pizza and pasta, fried seafood dishes and spicy southeast Asian and Mexican cuisines.

Proud brewers


We brew beers that we can all be proud of.

Every beer we brew is a collaborative effort between every member of our team; from conceptualisation, to brewing, to packaging, to marketing. We work together to make sure we brew beers that we can all be proud of.